Donut eating and skateboarding. They compliment each other perfectly.

We get scared!!! Not really, we just kind of wander around and get lost.

We love this game so much. Thank you Nintendo. Thank you for making this.

Also one of the best games ever. We do a little better this time round...

One of the best games ever... enough said.

Part 2! The family is back together as we continue with our Mario series,

I am solo for this one. Lots of rambling and strange pauses. But its Mario! Everyone loves Mario!

Kendall's new favorite game. She bugs me to play this all the time.

I love Paperbound, Kendall does not... Well maybe a little...

We have a whole playlist of our Journey videos! Here is part 1 but check out the playlist here!

Back from vacation and straight into our rocket powered cars! Rocket League!

Baaaaaa!!!!!! BAAAA!!!!!!!! Goat simulator!

BBBBBrrrainssss!!!! Give em yooor BBBrrraaaiiinnnnsss!!!!! Plants vs Zombies!

Video #3! This week we played Super Exploding Zoo! BBOOOMMM!!!!

Our second Video! This week we play 'Hohokum' developed by Honeyslug Studios and Santa Monica Studios. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Our very first video ever! (Sorry for the poor sound.) We start things off with 'LocoRoco Cocoreccho' developed by Japan Studios. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment.