Week 9 - Part 2

So a few days late, but no matter...

Part two is going to be a first impressions/review of the (relatively) new Wacom Cintiq 13HD.

First Impressions:

Its going to sound strange but I believe if a product has good packaging then, 9 times out of 10, whatever is inside is also going to be good. So when I opened the shipping crate my high expectations increased when I saw the well crafted Wacom box. Once inside the box, and removing all that lovely plastic film companies love to put on their shiny products, I pulled out all the cables and accessories to set up my new tablet.

First thing that stuck me was how thin the tablet feels. Sure its no iPad Air, but at less than a 1/2 inch thick (minus the stand) it won't be overtaking your entire desk.

Once I had plugged the tablet in using the all-in-one, or "3-in-1', cable included*. The set up proved to be fast and easy.

*It's worth saying that I had to buy an adapter as my 2009 iMac doesn't have a HDMI port. $30 well sent though.

Actual Use:

The included leaflet was very useful in setting up my tablet, and the software was as easy as any other high end product installation. (Although it still came on a CD which is rare in 2013) Within 15 minutes I had run through the initial calibration and was now fine tuning the tablet to my needs. Something which I would highly recommend as some of the functions assigned to the buttons are not necessary in my opinion.

One Week Later:

The difference between using a regular graphics tablet and a LCD tablet are night and day. The precision and ease of use with the Cintiq make this a must buy for any body serious about digital painting or drawing. It is a little expensive and, at the time of writing, hard to find for less than $1000. However, the price of entry is worth it.