UPDATE: We have renamed the project! Check our blog page for more details. On this pages I basically just changed all references from tAp bOt to tAp blOt. Subtle I know.

Hello! Welcome to our first project! I promised some more details about our game, well here they are. Please remember that all of these details are subject to change as development continues so don't get too attached just incase.

So what is tAp blOt? Well its a game... obviously.

Oh you want more information? Ok jeez demanding.

tAp bOt is an platforming auto runner on iOS. You will play as a Blot (inspirational name I know). It's only goal in life so far is to escape. After this, who knows? The world is its oyster. If blots ate oysters.

As we continue to wear out fingers down to stumps please check out our blog to find up to date progress of our work, including videos, images, and maybe we will write some stuff too although its not our strong point.

Here are some of the ways to follow us:

Twitter: @Red_Rex_Studios

Facebook: RedRexStudios

Youtube: Red Rex