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Animated Life

I've been thinking a lot about fleshing out a character and giving an inanimate drawing life and personality.

I think one of the best examples of how to animate characters and give them personality is Disney.  All the way back when Disney first conceived Oswald the rabbit (look him up, he's awesome!) and later Mickey, animation existed but it never had the energy and life that these examples had. Steam Boat Willie (1928), the first animated feature with synchronized sound, really brought a sense of personality to animation inspiring almost a century's worth of future animators to give life to their work.

This is my goal. While I am not an animator by trade, I want to give a personality to my games in a way where they are no longer just colours and shapes on a screen, but characters which have a real presence and existence in their own digital worlds.

And so we come to the above video. This is just a simple close up of the robot in tAp bOt, with the eye moving around. Nothing fancy or anything just just something to show that this is a real and living (as much as a robot can be living) character. This may be used in a cut scene somewhere in the game, we will see.

Also as a bonus I have included a more refined version of the movement animation from an earlier post. Enjoy!

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