Say hello to Blot.

A few days ago I revealed our new title and logo. You were probably thinking:

"Blot? That sounds dumb"

Well you are entitled to your wrong opinion, but there is a reason here. We have a new main character! Here he/she/it is:


This is blot! The name makes a little more sense now huh? So here it is, cute yes? I think so.

When designing a game for iOS there is one very important think that must always be kept in mind: SCREEN SIZE. Screen size has an effect on everything I need to design and I feel that this will look so much better on a smaller screen, and on a big screen too, but I digress.

This design we feel is much much cleaner and really fits into our new style very nicely, there will be more on that soon. Maybe a screen shot or something. So check back soon!