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Hello there and thanks for checking out Red Rex Studios! Please allow us to take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

Hello there and thanks for checking out Red Rex Studios! We’re thrilled you’re here and would love to take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

Red Rex is the brain child of my husband, Scott Thow. He’s his own one man show: concept artist, designer, all-nighter expert to get the job done, book keeper, husband, and father. It is his love of all things gaming and this crazy, amazing industry that is the driving force behind our studio. While he may not sound like, he’s a Scotsman at heart (born and raised) and you know that’s going to play a role in some of our games. He is a romantic when it comes to a perfectly executed piece of art which is where the inspiration for his games comes from. Not one to follow the norm, he is always looking for ways that he can create something new and exciting. 

I know he’ll probably read this blog post and gag because of how amazing I make him sound but I just know that whatever he creates will be wonderful! And we hope you stick around to find out what that is! 

On the flip side of this team is me, Kendall Thow. A photographer by profession I am the creative assistant in this whole process, marketeer, and blogger. I help fine tune Scott’s madness and help flesh out ideas. I have absolutely no drawing abilities and so cannot help with the art front so I am the driving force that keeps it all moving. My role will come after our games are created when we put it out there for the world to see!

Red Rex is a studio that is fully committed to helping the world realize that video games are an art form. We truly love beautiful games that make you feel like you have jumped into a piece of art and get to explore a bit of the creator’s own heart and mind. All of our games will be heavily art based because we believe in the beauty of games and the family friendly experience of them. Having a family of our own, we want gaming to be an experience that brings people together and something that everyone can enjoy together. 

Through this blog series, we will highlight a game that we are currently working on and hoping to release in the winter of 2015. Every other week we will bring you a glimpse of our inspiration, our vision, and our art to get you excited about what’s to come! 

Thank you for joining us on this adventure! We can’t wait to embark on it with you!

- Kendall