Background animation test.

The most important part of game design, what is it? Art? Sound? Graphics? Gameplay?

Nope, it's the testing. 

A game can have a great story, the sharpest graphics or the most moving score but if the individual pieces are not tested as they are built, they will fail. At least this is what we think...

As we develop our game, we test every single component, every design, to make sure that it works. When we are happy with the results, we will run tests with all the pieces together. This way we can fix problems as they arise, before the game releases or the bugs/mistakes spiral out of control.

Today we have been creating background animation tests. These are not in engine but mearly representative of the final game. The point of this was to make sure that the basic design and shape of the background elements work and adhere to the idea we have for our game. Thankfully they did (although some tweaks had to be made)! 

Obviously this is not the final version. There are many more layers, textures, lighting, etc to be added but for now, please have a look at this quick video. Enjoy!