Today is the big day!

Today is the BIG DAY!

It's Today!!!

It's Today!!!

So this is it. The end, or is it more of a beginning? It's funny because, to me, this build up has been coming for a while which makes this launch feel like an ending point. The reality is however that this is more like the beginning of my project. 

Since Christmas, when I began working on this project, there has been a slow burn leading up to the launch of this project. This is very typical of any project and I am sure a lot of other artists can relate to this. The result of this is that when the project does finally get announced, that a sense of relief can happen similar to that of how one would feel once a project is finished. Which is where I am at now.

I have to remind my self though: this is not the end. This is the beginning. 

Over the next month I will have to continue to plug and plug and plug my project. Attempting to generate as much interest and shares on social media as possible in order to spread the word and get potential backers. This will not be a light or easy task (Hopefully this will be one task made easier by my friends and family sharing with me). On top of that, I also have to continue working on the project to get it complete and this will have to be done regardless of how the Kickstarter campaign goes.

Finally, and arguably the most important event happening in my life, Kendall and I are expecting the imminent birth of our son. It could even be happening as I write this...

We like to have crazy lives in our house. Having a baby, launching a Kickstarter campaign, raising our daughter, running a business and going to work. Some would call us crazy, I am going to have to agree. - ST

P.S. I realize that as I write this that my title could also imply that today is the day my son is born. That would be fantastic, and amazing timing on our part. Prayers and well wishes appreciated!