..... ONWARD!!!!

As we are entering the last 48 hours of the campaign, I am starting to come to terms with the reality that my project will not be fully funded.

It's a sad thought. I have poured a lot of my time and energy into this project, but it has not all been for nothing. I have always had some alternate plans just incase of this outcome so this just means that I have to enact those now. (I will speak of these plans at a later date.)

Lets push those sad thoughts aside and lets focus on the positive. As many may know, I started this project as a simple side exercise during the christmas holiday as something to do. What some of you may not have realized is that I also used this project as a way for me to learn new skills to better my self as a designer.

When I began 'The Lost Candle' I had never used Adobe Illustrator before. I had downloaded it to my computer and had opened it in an attempt to figure it out casually to no avail. Have you ever walked into a small hole-in-the-wall bookstore before where there are books stacked floor to ceiling with no rhyme or reason to the order? That was what it can be like opening Illustrator for the first time.

Go make a logo... (No idea who that guy is.) Image credit:  www.newstatesman.com

Go make a logo... (No idea who that guy is.) Image credit: www.newstatesman.com

And so the idea for 'The Lost Candle' was formed and I began work on the project. This was when I thought to myself: Time to learn!! So off I went! This is probably the most valuable aspect of my project; these new skills. Now I can be a better designer and artist.

So yes it is sad that my book will not be fully funded, but as a result I have progressed in my career and who I am as an artist. - ST