The Kickstarter Community

The Kickstarter Community is an odd but incredibly interesting place. It is the birth place of amazing big name projects like Shovel Knight, Pebble Smartwatch, Exploding Kittens and The Veronica Mars movie to smaller but equally awesome projects like; Virtual-Tee, YOUMO - The Smart Power Strip and Hello Ruby. This is a truly diverse platform full of innovative and interesting ideas. 

Since launching 10 days ago I have been searching and exploring this site to find other campaigns whose ideas I find interesting. Some of those people have also reached out to me hoping to connect as a community and to share each others projects. I want to share some of those projects now.




First we have Cricket Brownie Mix. Yes this is a brownie mix made from cricket flour. Yes I know that some people find that a little weird, but if anyone out there is interested in conservation or alternate food sources, this is definitely a campaign to check out. There are only 6 days left though!







Next we have Terry the Thankful Turkey Book & Toy. This is another children's book, with the aim of helping children learn a little about being thankful around Thanksgiving. It has a cute little art style that I think a lot of kids will enjoy. Again only a few days left so check them out! They are also planning to create a soft toy to accompany the book.












These are just some of the projects I have discovered and who have helped spread the word of my own campaign. This, I think, is one of the best parts of using Kickstarter: it does help create a community of different creators who can all support and help each other. Have a look at each of these and spend some time exploring Kickstarter to see what else you can find.

Finally, and most importantly, have a look at my project, The Lost Candle, and if you really love me (or just want me to stop bugging you) contribute to the campaign. Thank you! - ST