..... ONWARD!!!!

As we are entering the last 48 hours of the campaign, I am starting to come to terms with the reality that my project will not be fully funded.

It's a sad thought. I have poured a lot of my time and energy into this project, but it has not all been for nothing. I have always had some alternate plans just incase of this outcome so this just means that I have to enact those now. (I will speak of these plans at a later date.)

Lets push those sad thoughts aside and lets focus on the positive. As many may know, I started this project as a simple side exercise during the christmas holiday as something to do. What some of you may not have realized is that I also used this project as a way for me to learn new skills to better my self as a designer.

When I began 'The Lost Candle' I had never used Adobe Illustrator before. I had downloaded it to my computer and had opened it in an attempt to figure it out casually to no avail. Have you ever walked into a small hole-in-the-wall bookstore before where there are books stacked floor to ceiling with no rhyme or reason to the order? That was what it can be like opening Illustrator for the first time.

Go make a logo... (No idea who that guy is.) Image credit:  www.newstatesman.com

Go make a logo... (No idea who that guy is.) Image credit: www.newstatesman.com

And so the idea for 'The Lost Candle' was formed and I began work on the project. This was when I thought to myself: Time to learn!! So off I went! This is probably the most valuable aspect of my project; these new skills. Now I can be a better designer and artist.

So yes it is sad that my book will not be fully funded, but as a result I have progressed in my career and who I am as an artist. - ST

New skills, new Google searches

New skills, new Google searches

The modern day human has a huge advantage of his/her ancestors in one huge way. It's not life expectancy, quality of living or even healthcare. No, the modern human's biggest advantage is the Internet. Yes that place were you can find a billion hours of kitten/puppy videos, and more conspiracy theories than you can shake your tin foil hat at, is the best thing we have ever invented. 

In all its glory!!! If you are a fan of  The IT Crowd  you would understand,

In all its glory!!! If you are a fan of The IT Crowd you would understand,

So before the angry comments start let me just put a small disclaimer in here: I am aware that the Internet has a lot of terrible content and can be a dangerous place but I believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Plus there are so many people out there dedicating their live to making it safer and better. This is just my humble opinion. Now back to the main post. Here is a picture of my dog as a puppy to smooth things over.

He is much bigger now. Photo taken by Simply Green Photography

He is much bigger now. Photo taken by Simply Green Photography

My reasons for my opinion is entirely based in education. Never, at any other point in history,  has there been access to the kind of knowledge that we have access to now. Any question that you can think of, any fact you need queried, any tutorial that you need to fix the hole you made in your bath room ceiling after you dropped something in the attic, is there. It's wonderful.

I would not be where I am today without the Internet. I studied concept art and design at Vacouver Animation School (A quick shout out here. Hi!!) a couple years ago, and they are almost entirely internet based. it allowed me and other students to connect and learn from all over the planet. Another amazing resource for me has been Lynda.com. It gave me all of the skills I needed to complete The Lost Candle and for that I cannot praise it enough. Even now as I continue to work on all my projects I am constantly searching online for tutorials on illustrator, or looking for new fonts, or even just staying connected to the design community to keep up to date. Without the Internet all of this would still be possible but many time more difficult.

Credit: www.youtube.com

Credit: www.youtube.com

This is not just limited to my work as a digital artist. The level of knowledge seeking has spread into other areas as well. I am always (Kendall can verify this) watching so called 'explainer' videos on YouTube. Channels like: Vsauce, CGP Grey, In A Nutshell, Tom Scott, and so many more.  They approach different subjects and theories in such away that I always find myself researching more into them.

I am aware of the darker side of the Internet but I think that everything has a dark side. (I will not  make a Star Wars reference... Luke...) but I think by being a smart web user and by being aware of the problems and actively trying to make the Internet safer that it helps me to combat it and keep my family safe.

Go check out some learning sites. Learn something new. And most importantly; check out our Kickstarter and use the power of the Internet to share the crap out of it. -ST