Day 21 - 25/80

Another video where a bunch of weeks are lumped together. Since I am working my way though a Unity course, I haven’t been making as many videos on the project. Nobody wants to watch a video every week of me doing course work. That’s no fun!

First Fridays - The Gardens Between

The first video of my video essays exploring some of the games I have been playing recently. This one was a really interesting play through. Beautiful design really peaceful. Watch the video below to get more details on my thoughts.

Games Of 2018

I’m trying something new this year. At the beginning of every month I will be putting out a video essay about video games. The topic will vary week to week and maybe a theme will develop over time, but to start off with I am going over my favourite games of 2018.


Day 6/80

Back to it this week. I am currently updating my development roll and figuring out control schemes. But in the mean time I have uploaded a new video. Have a look below.

Next Week I think I am going to have to do something about that thumbnail…

Day 5 / 80

I had a week off last week because I had family in town and couldn’t find the time. But I was back at it this week.

I did upload the video diary from two weeks ago this week so go check it out!


The 80 Thursday's Project - Day 3 + 4

Hello I’m Scott, and this is the 80 Thursday’s Project.

Again I forgot to post my video from last week. SO I will combine this with this past weeks video withs this weeks video, all in one post.

In the future I will really really try to post these every week here.

Any way here you go. Enjoy.

Here is this weeks video.

The 80 Thursday Project

Hello! I'm Scott.

I have started a new project. Which, as is pretty obvious from he title of this post, is called The 80 Thursday Project.

Each week I will be uploading a video diary of my progress through this project, so I wont have too much to say here. This will be more of a place where I collect each of the videos together.

So without further bletherin' please find below the first two videos of the project. Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1.

Day 2.

I might in the furture give some more indepth commentory here but we will see.