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80 Thursdays

Day 14/80

Not only do I give a quick update this time, but I also give an update to my plans in 2019!! How exciting!

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Day 6/80

Back to it this week. I am currently updating my development roll and figuring out control schemes. But in the mean time I have uploaded a new video. Have a look below.

Next Week I think I am going to have to do something about that thumbnail…

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Day 5 / 80

I had a week off last week because I had family in town and couldn’t find the time. But I was back at it this week.

I did upload the video diary from two weeks ago this week so go check it out!


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The 80 Thursday's Project - Day 3 + 4

Hello I’m Scott, and this is the 80 Thursday’s Project.

Again I forgot to post my video from last week. SO I will combine this with this past weeks video withs this weeks video, all in one post.

In the future I will really really try to post these every week here.

Any way here you go. Enjoy.

Here is this weeks video.

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The 80 Thursday Project

Hello! I'm Scott.

I have started a new project. Which, as is pretty obvious from he title of this post, is called The 80 Thursday Project.

Each week I will be uploading a video diary of my progress through this project, so I wont have too much to say here. This will be more of a place where I collect each of the videos together.

So without further bletherin' please find below the first two videos of the project. Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1.

Day 2.

I might in the furture give some more indepth commentory here but we will see.