For some reason, I keep drawing robots. I don't know if it's because they are easy to draw, or that there is a huge variety of different shapes and sizes. Who knows. But I keep drawing and designing them, and I will continue to do so until I can build one to do it for me.

There is a lot of them


The Project

There has not really been one specific project for my robots, but they are my go-to doodle subject when I am bored and looking to expel some creative energy. Maybe one day there will be a project which I can use all of these on. We'll see.


The Latest Idea

I keep coming up with new and crazy idea for my robots. My most recent idea is the H.A.M. bot. I am hoping to develop it more soon so check back to see my progress.


As I said above, I keep drawing robots. Some are further along than others. Some are just rough sketches. Some are full posters for undeveloped games which they might star in. So many different ideas.

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