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Here, you’ll find product updates, company news, and updates about my current and future projects.

Sometimes that might be video, sometimes that might just be photos. Maybe one day I will start listing plans for my different projects which you can try yourself. 

Check back every so often to see my latest updates. I will also be posting to social media and Youtube so be sure to follow me here too.

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CAD helps so much with visualizing any design. It allows me to be accurate to the mm. Especially useful when pricing custom utility room cupboards or any furniture. #carpentry #joinery @shapr3dapp
Open until 4:30pm in the Donmouth area! Come and get them! #donutsabz @simplydonutsaberdeen
Stacking the MDF for some custom utility cupboards. Nice day for it. #sunnyday #furnituredesign #cupboardstorage #furnituremaker
Only a few left! Hurry while you still can! #donuts
Recently finished this awesome farm table! And it’s for sale! Head over to my website if you are interested! #furnituredesign #refinishedfurniture
Design day. @shapr3dapp makes it easy to work on iPad. #design #cabinets
Two chairs ready to head back to the client! The bubble wrap is not final. 

#refinishedfurniture #furniture great paint and finish as always.