Creating Logos for new business is always so exciting. Being able to really focus in on how the owner wants to start their new venture can bring some really interesting insights and ideas to the logo. Designing fro Simply Donuts was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to how they grow in the future.

Who wants a donut?


Designing logos for a company which sells an edible product was a really interesting challenge. The owner wanted something which was simple and clean but also loved Scandinavian patterns. We eventually settled on simple icons representing the different ingredients and aspects which would come together to create a donut shape. Showing that while donuts appear simple they can also require many different elements. 

The Icons

Keeping the icons really simple was a great challenge. How do you make something look like a mixer without overcomplicating the design? Breaking everything down to simple shapes and then only using the most recognisable parts works really well. And while there are many icons making up the whole image because they are simple it doesn't feel overloaded or complex


Sketches can show some really interesting details. What is left on the cutting room floor really shows how far a design has come. The first stage concepts also show the journey, from a more polished view. Sometimes even simply turning the logo 45º can change everything.

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