A space odyssey

I was lucky enough to be part of the small team at Starboard Games who are currently developing their Sci-Fi rogue-like INT. A really interesting project which required several different pieces of concept art. Working remotely on this project was a new process for me which brought about some interesting dynamics but also allowed me to work with people from all over the world.


The Project

The world of INT was crafted with a lot of lore and depth like most rogue-like games. So to go into detail here would be unwise. However, most of the concepts I was tasked with involved the rebel forces. Due to their nature, a lot of their technology and machinery were repurposed or cobbled together from other areas. The above quad-tank is an example of this. Originally it was a construction bot which had a tank turret grafted on to the top. These designs allowed me to be extremely creative and varied in my designs.


Not Just Vehicles

While most of the concepts revolved around vehicles. I was allowed to develop and design other assets as well. One early concept was for a simple pistol which could be used within the game. In order to get the perspective and design right, I first created a simple 3D model in CAD then transferred this into photoshop to digitally paint and develop the idea further. I often try to use 3D models in my work as it will allow me to get a better feel of how the final design will look from all angles.


Being given a world within which to develop can be daunting but also freeing. It allowed me to create multiple different ideas and develop each one as to how it would fit into this world, if at all.

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