And other characters.

Almost all of my concepts and ideas start out this way. A random sketch turns into another, which turns into a second stage concept. Which then spawns an idea for a full concept or project with multiple concepts. These characters are ideas which never developed or haven't been given the time to develop yet.


The Characters

Every idea has to start somewhere. Sometimes it's when I am sitting playing a game, or watching TV or maybe even in the shower. Ideas have a habit of sneaking up on me. I always try to write them down or do a quick sketch or something to remember it. Something which I can come back to at a later date to develop further. Or discard as the ramblings of a mad man.


Beyond The Sketch

Transitioning an idea from sketch to full colour is always a tricky task. What can look great in simple lines can completely fall apart once some colour gets added. The flipside of this is that sometimes I have to work through this phase adding colour and detail. Soon the design I originally envisioned will shine through. Sometimes something better can develop too.


This will be a gallery which I am going to try and change out often. I want to showcase all the little ideas and sketches which pop up during my work. They might even get their own project one day. Who knows??

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