Some say that a good scientist's work will continue long after they have died and moved on from this world. In Prof. Spooks case this is literal. During a lab accident, he transferred into the ghostly realm. Where he continues his valuable (if spooky) work.

He's a specialist in Neuro Science


The Project

This guy is actually part of a larger project. Originally I had designed an enemy which had a very similar design. (See below) I took this as the starting point for the Professor. I thought it would be interesting to use an enemy design for a character who would be helping the protagonist. Rather than hindering them.


The Base Design

I based the design on a previous enemy concept. Whatever ill's befell the enemies also happened to the professor. I liked the idea that these two designs tied together but represented different sides. One good and one bad.


What can start off as one idea can change into another. Ideas can spawn other ideas and one idea can become two. I'm going to develop both ideas soon. (Not just for the project but also because I want to fully flesh these characters out.)

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