This is me. As a dinosaur.

The name Red Rex is something which I have worked under for a while now. Why do I not work under my own name? Umm not sure. But maybe it allows me to keep my work and personal lives separate or something like that. Yeah, let's go with that.


The Design

Dinosaurs are fun to draw. Because of their distance on this planet from u,s everything we know about them has a air of the unknown about them. This then means that we can draw them almost however we want. So I chose red. With a big head. Maybe I should add some feathers....


The Logo

My logo has gone through a few different versions of the years. (Find some of them below) I think that this might be the final version. Simple design always lasts, and this is why I think this might be the final iteration of my logo. I've been wrong before though.


As I said above, my logo has changed a lot of the years. Despite this change, I do think that I have managed to keep a cohesive design over this time. The head has always been the focal point and always seen from the same angle. There has definitely been some refinement over the years though.

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