There from the beginning

Having a good and well-designed logo can really separate a business from its competition. I have had the pleasure of designing the logo for Simply Green Photography since they were established in 2012. You can go and check them out here:

SG_Logo_2017_Full Logo.png

The History

Simply Green has developed a lot of the years. Initially the company was going to be called Something Green but due to some misspelled notes Simply Green stuck. The theme of the leaf has also stayed since very early on and developed over time.

One Logo Many Places

With every logo, there has to be a consideration for where it will be used and visible to customers. A logo might work really well on a page, but be awful for business cards. To solve this problem I designed multiple versions of SImply Green's Logo, for multiple uses.


I felt it was important to show every stage of the concept. Sometimes what can start off as a simple shape can grow quite complex by the end. The colourizing is being tackled in a similar fashion as the linework. Starting off with rough colours to make sure the overall image works, then diving in with detail.

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