Slead Rest requested a logo for the launch of their new product which is launching soon. They wanted something which would reflect the feel of the product but also have a classic look.

Soft and silky


The Process

Designing a logo for a new product or company can be extremely challenging. There is no previous branding to build upon and can be a blank canvas. Which is often more constraining than freeing. To overcome this I always make sure that I sit down with the client and discuss exactly what they are looking for and how they feel about their own product. This is invaluable knowlage and always helps fuel the project.


The Alternate Version

When working for a client, as opposed to personal projects, it is always worth coming up with alternate versions and then pitching them against each other. Ultimately this is not my choice but my clients choice. It's their logo after all.


Sketches can show some really intersting details. What is left on the cutting room floor rally shows how far a design has come. The first stage concepts also show the journey, from a more polished view.

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