Colour is his thing

I have had this character floating around in my head for YEARS. It's part of a project I've been working on for a long long time. As a result, this character has gone through many, many different iterations. I think I have settled on this one but who knows. Things change.

Blot Final Illustration Concept_edited.png

The Project

Early on, I wanted to create a simple character which would be easy to see on screen. As mobile was likely to be the primary platform, character clarity was extremely important. The player had to know what exactly was going on the character at all times.


The first Version

The first version of the character really leaned into the simple aesthetic I was aiming for. Probably a bit too much to be honest. While the colours were clear and contrasting. The small geometric shapes which made up the tail would be very difficult to see on a small screen. Couple this with the additional animation time needed for the tail and it became clear that it was time to go back to the drawing board.


As with all my designs and concepts, there is a mountain of sketches and rejected ideas before I get anywhere near the finished concept. Everything must be considered. Shape, emotability (the ability for the character to show emotion), colour, movement, all of these are important in creating any character. Especially one which will be used in a video game.

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