Like robots, octopuses are a lot of fun to draw. They are so different from all other life on earth but still have their own set of design rules which create some interesting challenges when designing octopus-like characters.

Part of an ongoing project


The Project

Unfortunately I can't say a whole lot about this project at the moment. It's a personal project but it's a large one with a lot of moving parts. What I can share is one character from the project. (Although not the final version. Sorry) Enjoy the majesty that is the octopus!


A Sneak Peek

Since this is still an ongoing project I don't want to showcase too many of the final images until I am closer to completion. However, I can show some of the sketches and development drawings for now. Like this one! Ta Da!


Just a couple of sketches this time. But as the project progresses I will probably add more to this gallery. Check back soon to see more!

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