His name is Charlie

I've been playing a couple of different Viking Games recently. God of War (2018) which is AMAZING, and Hellblade. These inspired me to create my own Viking illustration. Just one that maybe isn't as dark. So that is how charlie was born. This is a currently ongoing project, this page will be updated as the concept progresses.


The Project

The shape and size of the character was really the central focus of this project. From the beginning, I used a round almost comical body type. I thought it would be interesting though to have Charlie flying through the air in some kind of battle strike. Completely opposed to what could be expected to someone of his size.


The Latest Version

After building on the previous sketches I finalised the line drawing. I want to make sure that the composite shapes of the concept work before diving into the colourizing. I also corrected the axe as it was the wrong way round in the sketches... my bad.


I felt it was important to show every stage of the concept. Sometimes what can start off as a simple shape can grow quite complex by the end. The colourizing is being tackled in a similar fashion as the linework. Starting off with rough colours to make sure the overall image works, then diving in with detail.

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